About Us

We're a family of three, with our daughters second birthday around the corner. We're a mix of nationalities and cultures as LaDonna is American a Tor-Inge is Norwegian. Anya of course, is both. After living a few years in England and Dallas, Texas we have just moved to Norway for the next chapter of our lives. This blog is our a of letting our friends and family be part of our lives, even though some of you live far away.

We Enjoy...

As new parents we cherish our family time, but we still enjoy spending time with friends and family when we have the opportunity. We also enjoy travelling very much and you'll find a lot of entries here with pictures and stories from some of our trips. When we have a spare minute we both enjoy playing our computer games or relaxing with a good film..

Farmor og Farfar Anne-Vilda, Anya, og Alexander Farmor
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